Book events and fun stuff

This Saturday May 21, I will be doing a book event at the Elephant’s Trunk bookstore, 1764 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, at 1:00 PM. I will be drawing pictures, reading from my books, and giving away free bookmarks. Sticky Burr artIf you live in the area, stop by and say hello! This is part of their Children’s Literature Day, which will also include appearances by Bob Shea at 11:00 and Jamie Harper at 3:00. The Elephant’s Trunk is an independent children’s bookstore that just opened last year. Visit their website or their blog to find out more about them.

In other news, I recently added new pages to the Sticky Burr web comic, and also my Ask the Author page on the Sticky Burr website, where children write in questions.

I had a great time at the New England SCBWI conference this weekend, teaching a workshop in web marketing for illustrators with Dani Jones, Kerry Martin and Nicole Tugeau, with Casey Girard as the course organizer. The conference overall was great, with a stellar list of speakers including Tomie DePaola, Jane Yolen, Steve Mooser, Harold Underdown and Lin Oliver. Jane Yolen was perhaps the most inspiring of all, with her honest reflections on her ups and downs during a lifetime creating books for children. She has a lot of great information on her website, including these thoughts on writing. Well worth reading!

My flipbook project, and other news

As you may know, I started doing a Page-A-Day Flipbook at the beginning of the year. Even though I’ve fallen a little behind, I thought I would show the latest progress.

Since actually flipping through the whole thing is difficult, especially with this thin drawing paper, I decided to photograph each page (scanning would have taken forever) and assemble them on the computer so you can see how the animation really looks. I don’t know where this animation is going, but I’m trying to experiment and try out new things. I hope you like it!

Bookmarks and buttons!In other news, I will be participating in the Needham Open Studios this weekend, May 7th and 8th in Needham, MA. Check out the website for more information and a map of locations. I’ll be exhibiting my original work, giving away free stuff (see photo), and maybe doing an art demo. Stop by and say hi!

The following weekend, I’ll be attending the New England SCBWI Spring Conference, and helping teach at Sunday’s Illustrator Academy along with illustrator Dani Jones, designer Kerry Martin, and agent Nicole Tugeau. The amazing Casey Girard is pulling it all together. Registration has filled up already, but it should be an exciting conference. If you see me there, say hi!