New paintings and new projects

The year is speeding by, and I’ve been busy with all sorts of things. But in between other projects, I started doing a series of small paintings using ink pen and sepia watercolor. All of these are just a few inches wide. Monochromatic painting is a unique challenge, because you can’t rely on color to delineate objects, you have to focus on composition and value. I’ve been learning a lot doing these, maybe someday I’ll do a whole story in this style.

Girl in a Tree, by John Lechner

Painting by John Lechner

Trouble at Sea, by John Lechner

You Shall Not Pass, by John Lechner

In other news, I had a great time at the NE-SCBWI conference this month, learning new things and meeting cool people. And on May 5th I’ll be participating in the Needham Open Studios, so if you’re in the area, come on down. (I will be there Saturday, not Sunday.)

Also, I may be announcing a new project in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


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5 Responses to New paintings and new projects

  1. Kat G. says:

    Lovely! Very moody.

  2. Abigail says:

    Such fun pieces! The sailor one is my favorite; the dog’s expression is perfect and I love those tentacles popping up from the waves.

  3. Marsha Riti says:

    These are great, John! There is so much story behind your images.

  4. John says:

    Thanks for the comments! I made up the scenes as I drew them, without much planning. I’m experimenting with different paper as well.

  5. Nora Lumiere says:

    Lovely composition, John. I love the octopus and the waves!
    I find black-and-white films very useful for monochromatic values and scene composition, especially Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane and Lady from Shanghai. Also the cinematography in The Third Man.