New work, new happenings

Artwork by John Lechner

Lately I’ve been experimenting more with monochromatic paintings, particularly involving trees. This one was done with a brush and ink, then watercolor.

This weekend I’ll be going to the New England regional conference for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, in Springfield, MA. And on Sunday, I’ll be participating in a local Open Studios event, showing my work. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and say hi!

And if you haven’t seen my web comic lately, I’ve been adding a new panel each week, developing a new longer story. Below is a recent page, showing the original sketch first. You can read the new adventure starting here.

Sticky Burr comic process

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll have more news to share soon!

* * *

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Spring into new projects

Girl and Rabbit painting

I haven’t written on this blog for a few months, so here is a little update on what I’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been taking a break from writing to work on some theater projects. I took a workshop in shadow puppets, something I’ve been interested in for a long time, and developed a short performance based on one of my original fables. It was a great experience to take one of my stories and present it in a totally different way, and I hope to do more such projects in the future.

Here is a photo of my shadow puppet show:

Shadow Puppets by John Lechner

* * *

I also painted an illustrated scroll for a theater piece called The Great Red Ball Rescue by the multi-talented Faye Dupras. It’s the story of a boy who goes on an amazing journey to rescue his beloved red ball. The production uses multiple styles of puppetry and also utilizes a “crankie” or panoramic scroll to tell one part of the story, where the boy Jasper goes to the beach.

The scene is not very long, but requires a scroll nearly 30 feet long and 26 inches high. I started with small storyboards, based on the puppet characters that Faye created, then drew the final illustrations on a large scroll of drawing paper, and painted it with watercolors.

Here are a few pictures of the drawings in process, and one of how it appeared in the final puppet stage. The scroll was wound around two wooden dowels, and turned with a crank.

Great Red Ball Rescue storyboard

Storyboard – click for a larger view

Great Red Ball Rescue - in progress

Great Red Ball Rescue - in progress

Great Red Ball Rescue

The show premiered at Puppet Showplace Theatre in January, and was a great success. It was fun to illustrate a story for such a unique production, and I was glad to be a part of it.

Looking forward to the coming year, I plan to do more writing, though I’m not sure which of my back-burner projects to tackle yet. I also plan to explore interactive storytelling, something I’ve experimented with over the years. I’m also working on an animated film, which I’ll write about later. And if you haven’t seen my webcomic in a while, I’ve been adding a new page each week.

That’s all the news for now!

* * *

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New Sticky Burr website, and other fun stuff

Sticky Burr and FriendsGreetings all, here’s a quick update on what I’ve been doing lately. The biggest news is that I’ve redesigned the Sticky Burr website and started up the webcomic again, which had been on hiatus for a while. There will be a new comic posted each week (usually Sunday night).

The older pages of the comic have been divided up into 3 different adventures. You can read the entire archive from start to finish, or you can jump to one section or the other. In the first adventure, Sticky Burr is captured by the locust king. In the second adventure, Nettle Burr gets lost in the fern forest and encounters some nasty beetles. In the third adventure, snow covers the forest and Sticky Burr meets an unusual visitor from far away. What will the next adventure hold? You’ll just have to read and find out!

Newman School Visit

Last month I also have a great time visiting the Newman Elementary School in Needham, MA. I drew some pictures, read one of my books, and talked about my work. I also presented a miniature puppet show about Sticky Burr and his friends. Thanks to all the students for giving me such a great welcome, especially the ones who made this beautiful sign!

Welcome sign

I will be doing one more appearance this month, I’ll be at the Gorse Mill Holiday Sale the weekend of Dec. 7 & 8, along with many other fine artists. I’ll be selling books and artwork, with lots of free stuff too. Come on down and say hi!  I’ll be there all day Saturday (though I have to leave at 4) and Sunday from noon to 5 PM.

Holiday Sale


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Comics and crankies – what I’ve been up to

The Garden Monster - process

I haven’t posted here in a while, so I’ve got a few projects to talk about.

This summer, I wrote a short comic for an anthology of monster comics for kids, curated by Bob Flynn and Dan Moynihan, published by Roho of River Bird Comics, in partnership with the Boston Comics Roundtable.  The comic features stories by eleven artists, on the theme of creatures and monsters, and is called “Gulp!”

My story is called “The Garden Monster” and is about a boy who goes out in the garden to trim some vines, but the vines turn out to be more than he bargained for. The story is six pages long, and somewhat inspired by my own gardening adventures.

I drew the comic on paper, first with pencil then ink and brush.  Then I scanned and colored the art in Photoshop. The book was printed in two colors, and I had to do the color separations myself, choosing which pieces of art to render in which colors. Below is more process art with the final product.

The Garden Monster - process

The Garden Monster - process

Below is the cover, illustrated by Bob Flynn:

Gulp! cover

You can learn more about the official comic here and see more photos here. It is currently being sold in some Boston area comic stores.

* * *

Also this year I’ve been experimenting with various kinds of storytelling, and one of these is the scrolling story. This is often called a “crankie” because there is usually a crank to turn the scroll, and you unveil the story as you tell it to a live audience. It’s a very simple, old-fashioned way of storytelling, but it has a unique charm about it, especially in this digital age where everything is electronic.

My first scrolling stage was made out of paper in about an hour. I wanted to create something quick and spontaneous to experiment with the form, and the result can be seen below.

After that, I made a larger crankie out of a shoebox, then a larger one out of foam core. Last month, my sister Nancy and I built one out of wood, for larger audiences. I used it to perform an original story in our local Puppet Slam, an evening of short puppetry-related works. The theme of the slam was Fairy Tales, and I decided to write a new story in the style of a traditional folk tale.

The story is called The Brave Fiddler, about a young girl who sets off on a journey to seek her fortune, carrying only her violin, and who overcomes many dangers before the happy ending. Below is one of the final images, which were painted on 18″ x 24″ paper and taped together into one giant scroll.

Crankie stage

I’m going to write a separate post about this show in more detail, talking about how it was made. For now, I will say that it was an inspiring experience to create a story in this format, and to perform it for a live audience. A scrolling story is a unique combination of art, storytelling and theater, and it really makes you think about your story in a different way.

* * *

I have one more bit of news, I am currently redesigning the Sticky Burr website, and I plan to start writing new comics for the web this fall. Watch for an announcement soon!

* * *


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The Clever Stick for all ages

The Clever Stick by John LechnerEver since my book The Clever Stick was published a few years ago, I have received wonderful feedback from children, parents, and teachers.

Just this week I received a note from a fan who said, “I love your book. It is such a great message about finding your voice that I have been giving it as High School graduation presents since I discovered it a few years ago.”

I certainly never thought of my book as a future graduation gift when I wrote it, it was simply a story I had to tell, but I’m happy that it seems to resonate with readers of all ages.  It is a tale about a stick who is frustrated because he cannot speak, and so cannot share his thoughts with the world. Only when he drags himself home one day, and notices the trail behind him, does he stumble upon the key to finding his voice.

Pages from The Clever Stick © by John Lechner

It is a story of self-discovery, among other things. One teacher told me she uses the book to show how everyone has their own unique talents. Another teacher told me she uses the book as part of a nature unit, but also for children “to connect to the many ways that people communicate.” The website Teen Librarian Toolbox called it “a great tool for helping tweens and teens develop some empathy for those who are different.”

It is wonderful to hear about The Clever Stick being read and discussed in so many ways, and to know it is finding a receptive audience. So thank you to everyone who has appreciated and shared this book, no matter how old you are. And congratulations to all graduates this year, I hope you all succeed in finding your voice!

* * *


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What’s new around the studio

John's art table

It’s hard to believe that May is already here. I’ve been working on all kinds of things, doing some very small paintings, writing some new stories, and experimenting with hand-drawn notebook covers.

This weekend I will be participating in the Needham Open Studios, showing my work and selling my books, and giving away free stuff. Come on down and say hi!

Here are a few photos from my drawing table lately, in various stages of completion.

Boy on bike, watercolor

Gnarled Tree painting

Decorated notebooks


Girl behind tree

* * *



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Happy Earth Day from Sticky Burr and Friends

Today is Earth Day, a time to celebrate and honor this great planet we live on. As you’ve probably noticed, nature is a big influence on my writing and art. My book Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest is filled with animals and insects, and features selections from Sticky Burr’s journal about his forest life.

In honor of Earth Day 2013, I created a new printable page of nature activities featuring Sticky Burr and his friends.  Feel free to download and print for your home or classroom.

Click here for a printable PDF

Celebrate Nature with Sticky Burr and Friends!

Here are some other great nature websites you might want to check out. Let me know if you have any other favorites to share.

Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens – all about planting healthy and sustainable gardens

The National Wildlife Federation –  a great educational site for all ages

Children and Nature Network – all about connecting children with nature

Tweets & Tree Frogs – great blog about encouraging kids to appreciate nature

Frogs Are Green – raising awareness about frogs and amphibians around the world

The Bug Chicks – all about the wonderful world of insects

The Right Blue – great website about ocean creatures

Nature Rocks – all about getting kids out into nature

Happy Earth Day everyone!

* * *


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My visit to MSLA in Sturbridge

John Lechner reads The Clever Stick

I had the honor of visiting the Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA) Annual Conference in Sturbridge, MA earlier this month. I participated in a program where authors share their work with librarians in small groups, called Author Speed Dating. There were five authors participating, and each sat with a table of librarians for ten minutes, then moved to a different table.

It was fun, and I met a lot of great people. We talked about the books I’ve written and illustrated, what projects I’m working on, and the nature of books and reading today.

The other authors participating in this event were Carolyn DeCristofano, Laura Harrington, Lesléa Newman, and Melissa Stewart. They are all wonderful writers, and I encourage you to read their work. Thanks to Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Center for the Book, for inviting me to participate. Here are a few pictures from the event.

All photos by Richard Curran.

John Lechner at the MSLA conference

John Lechner reading "Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest"

Authors appear at MSLA conference

Left to right: Carolyn DeCristofano, John Lechner, Laura Harrington, Melissa Stewart, and Lesléa Newman.

* * *

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Stuck On A Tree

Sticky Burr and friends sing Stuck On A Tree

When I’m not writing or drawing, I’ve been known to dabble in music. In my book Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest, the main character plays the ukulele and sings. I wrote a little song for the book and included the sheet music on the last page, hoping to encourage young musicians.

Stuck On A Tree musicOver the years, readers have asked me if there was a recording of the song that they could hear, and I’m happy to share an animated video of Sticky Burr and his friends singing “Stuck On A Tree.” This animation was originally created as part of my acceptance video for the Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award in Oregon a few years ago. You can see that full video here, and now you can also enjoy the song by itself, see below.

My brother Tony Lechner provided the voice of Sticky Burr and engineered the audio, with additional voices by Jill Connolly and John Melley. I did all the animation, and played the ukulele. Hope you enjoy it!

* * *

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Looking ahead to the new year

Snowy Tree by John Lechner

Another year is upon us!

I’m not one to celebrate the New Year much, as I don’t like to see time passing. I tend to look backwards as much as forwards, and see all the unfinished projects, the missed opportunities, the things that didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

Yet despite all that, I really am an optimist, it’s the only way I can survive. That’s why I love winter trees. Even though a tree without leaves can seem barren, lifeless, dead, that’s not how I see it. I see a tree in the winter as strong, resilient, quietly gathering strength. Let it snow, let it freeze – a hearty tree will patiently cling to life, drawing hidden nourishment from the earth below. It does not die when the world freezes, it knows that spring will come again.

The challenge of an artist is to keep being creative over many years, through all seasons. Each year I set new goals, and each year I fall short. I know I’m disorganized, my mind wanders from one project to another, the list goes on. But one of my goals this year is to be more positive, to look forward, to get things done. So, that’s what I’ll do.

Over the next twelve months I will continue to draw, write stories, do more animation, and hopefully read a book now and then. I will set some big goals and some small ones, and we’ll see how it all turns out.

I hope you all have a happy and creative 2013!

* * *

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