The Clever Stick for all ages

The Clever Stick by John LechnerEver since my book The Clever Stick was published a few years ago, I have received wonderful feedback from children, parents, and teachers.

Just this week I received a note from a fan who said, “I love your book. It is such a great message about finding your voice that I have been giving it as High School graduation presents since I discovered it a few years ago.”

I certainly never thought of my book as a future graduation gift when I wrote it, it was simply a story I had to tell, but I’m happy that it seems to resonate with readers of all ages.  It is a tale about a stick who is frustrated because he cannot speak, and so cannot share his thoughts with the world. Only when he drags himself home one day, and notices the trail behind him, does he stumble upon the key to finding his voice.

Pages from The Clever Stick © by John Lechner

It is a story of self-discovery, among other things. One teacher told me she uses the book to show how everyone has their own unique talents. Another teacher told me she uses the book as part of a nature unit, but also for children “to connect to the many ways that people communicate.” The website Teen Librarian Toolbox called it “a great tool for helping tweens and teens develop some empathy for those who are different.”

It is wonderful to hear about The Clever Stick being read and discussed in so many ways, and to know it is finding a receptive audience. So thank you to everyone who has appreciated and shared this book, no matter how old you are. And congratulations to all graduates this year, I hope you all succeed in finding your voice!

* * *