Introducing my new webcomic

Lechner Webcomic 1

As my fascination with insects has grown over the years, I’ve been inspired to create more stories about them. I’ve decided to start a series of nature webcomics featuring a cast of insect characters as they go about their uncertain lives.

I’ll be posting these about once a week on my Twitter and Instagram. They are generally self-contained, but may contain a thread of stories that tie them all together. The characters are all inspired by various creatures I’ve observed in my backyard over the years.

The primary character (so far) is a hoverfly named Phini, who can’t seem to make up his mind. Hoverflies are some of my favorite insects, gentle creatures who seem to hover magically over flowers before they land.

Here are the first six comics I’ve posted so far, and be sure to follow me on either Twitter and Instagram to see new ones as they are produced!

Lechner Webcomic 2
* * * * *
Lechner Webcomic 3
* * * * *
Lechner Webcomic 4
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Lechner Webcomic 5
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Lechner Webcomic 6
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