What I’ve been up to lately

The Beetle and the Butterfly - a Love Story - by John Lechner

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website! I’m going to try and update this news section more regularly, and hopefully I’ll have more to share in the coming months. Most recently, I posted a new short comic on my website called The Beetle and The Butterfly. It’s a bittersweet tale about self-doubt and how we all struggle to connect with one another, featuring two shy insects. The idea first appeared in my notebooks about six years ago, and it seemed like something that others might relate to.

Below are some process images for the illustrations. After initial rough sketches, I made refined sketches on watercolor paper. Then I inked the lines with a brush and erased the pencil. The final step was painting them with watercolor, scanning, and typesetting the final words. I also went through many revisions of the text to get it just right.

Process art starting with rough sketch, then final ink and watercolor.

I also made about three dozen color studies, to figure out the color scheme for the story. These drawings also helped me get to know the characters a little better and think about how much detail to include.

24 color studies for my story The Beetle and the Butterfly
Tree drawing

I’ve slowly been building up the Stories section on my website. Last fall, I posted a longer story called The Tall Tree, a revision of an illustrated story I wrote a few years back. It’s the tale of a young tree who grows up in the protective shadow of his father tree, and what happens when that protection is no longer there. You can read the whole story here.

Aside from these, I’ve been working on various other writing ideas, and posting occasionally on Twitter and Instagram. I’m starting to draft a new novel, while my other one is out on submission. I’m also thinking of starting a newsletter, to share more of my stories and drawings. Stay tuned for more!