About Me

I’m an author, illustrator, puppeteer, animator, designer, and musician. I write stories about nature, both wild nature and human nature, and how we all navigate this big amazing world we live in.  

As a founding member of FableVision Studios in Boston, I’ve spent over twenty years creating award-winning animation and educational media for children of all ages. Along the way I’ve also written and illustrated four picture books, created animated films, and drawn my own webcomic. I’ve also built and performed puppet shows, designed scenery for theater, experimented with different mediums like cut paper and crankies, taken a lot of nature photos, and started a blog about art and nature.

I’m also available for school and library visits, either in person or online (you can read more about my school visits here.)

Here are some interviews and guest blog posts I’ve done:

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My interview with Roxie Hanna about my work

Creating a World in a Picture Book (Guest Post)

Tips On Writing & Drawing Comics for Kids (Guest Post)

School Visit by John Lechner John Lechner

I’m currently available for illustration projects, as well as teaching and consulting. If you have any questions about me or my work, feel free to contact me at john (at) fablevision.com.

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