John Lechner is a writer, illustrator, animator, musician, puppeteer and interactive designer. He is the author and illustrator of four books for children, A Froggy Fable, Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest, The Clever Stick, and Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril, all published by Candlewick Press.

Here is what he has to say about Elfbook: The Curious Journey:

"I've always been interested in online and interactive storytelling, and I think it's an untapped medium. For this particular project, I wanted to combine the storytelling conventions of a book, a film and a game into something new, something that could only exist in this format. I wanted to create something that didn't need any instructions, where the viewer could navigate through the story at their own pace like a book, but also experience a rich multimedia experience.

"I purposely did not add alternate branches to the narrative, nor any complex puzzles, because I wanted to focus on the story. It's easy for media and technology to take over a narrative, and swallow it up in the pursuit of making it more dynamic or fresh. I think the goal of the storyteller is to make technology serve the story, rather than load our stories with media simply because we can."

John Lechner is currently an Art Director at the children's media studio FableVision in Boston, MA. You can learn more about John at his website.



Tony Lechner is an award-winning composer, arranger, and producer based in western Massachusetts. He is the owner of Wild-Wood Studio, which creates custom music & sound design for all types of commercial media. Tony has collaborated with his brother John on many projects, including the Sticky Burr Theme Song, Cosmic Lobsters, and the Peter H. Reynolds film He Was Me.

Tony has scored films that have appeared in several major film festivals, and he recently landed a song in a major motion picture. Tony is also the creator of indie folk/pop band Wild-Wood as well as jazz/pop ensemble The Rosewood Project. To learn more about Tony, you can visit his web site.



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