A Froggy Fable

A Froggy Fable is my first picture book, published by Candlewick Press in 2005. It is the story of a solitary frog who becomes frustrated by the changing world around him. Birds, otters, and falling trees encroach upon his quiet pond. Only after an unexpected adventure does the frog realize that some changes aren’t as bad as they seem.

This story grew out of my own personal experiences, and has been received very warmly by children and adults alike. The illustrations are ink and watercolor.

This book is no longer in print, but still available at some booksellers.

* A Froggy Fable was chosen as a Borders Original Voices Selection for March 2005

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Lechner’s fluidly executed, spare pen-and-watercolor illustrations underscore the Zen message. Readers will cheer when the hero finds his way home and realizes, triumphantly, that change does not equal disaster, and “he could handle anything.

—Publisher’s Weekly

John Lechner’s first picture book provides a quiet, thoughtful fable that teaches Froggy, and the readers, the value of changes in life. […] The watercolor and ink illustrations enhance the calmness of this picture book. Lechner uses soft pastel watercolors and varying shades of blue, green and gray and introduces splashes of warm gold, beige, and brown earth tones. His appealing illustrations capture the tranquility of the wood and the pond.

—Parents’ Choice Foundation

Deliberately message-driven, this nonetheless has a simple charm, which is heightened by line drawings softly colored primarily with greens and blues. Children afraid of change may learn from Frog’s new perspective.

— Booklist

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A Froggy Fable - written and illustrated by John Lechner

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