Here are some of the interactive stories and games that I have designed and programmed over the years. My most recent project, Elfbook, is an animated story that combines elements of a book, a game and a film.

Elfbook: The Curious Journey

Elfbook: The Curious Journey

An interactive story about a lone character exploring a strange world. (Flash required)

Sticky Burr Flying Game

Sticky Burr’s Fantastic Flying Game

Help Sticky Burr and Draffle fly without hitting any obstacles. (Flash required)

FableVision Art Box

FableVision Art Box

Stretch your mind by creating a kinetic collage! (Shockwave required)

Golden Pineapple Quest

Captain Bart’s Golden Pineapple Quest

One of my early interactive games, find the golden pineapples. (Shockwave required)

* * *