Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril

Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril, is the second book about the plucky little Sticky Burr and his friends, published by Candlewick Press. In this new adventure, the burrs are getting ready for the harvest festival, unaware that Scurvy Burr is hatching a wicked plan with the aid of the evil Burweena, the most terrible villain in all of Burrwood Forest. Burweena wants to take over the burr village with the help of her spiders and beetles, and get rid of Sticky Burr in the process. Who will stop her? Read the book and find out!

Sticky Burr: The Prickly PerilThis new tale is boldly narrated by Scurvy Burr himself, who adds his own prickly spin to the proceedings. The book is illustrated with watercolors, interspersed with pages from Scurvy Burr’s journal (who knew he kept a journal?) Part picture book, part comic book, it’s a rollicking adventure story aimed at young readers of all ages. Available in paperback and also hardcover collector’s edition which includes endpaper map of Burrwood Forest.

* Nominated for a Massachusetts Book Award, and selected for the “Must-Read” children’s book list by the Massachusetts Center for the Book, 2010

* IRA-CBC Children’s Choice Booklist

* Library Media Connection – Best of the Best Graphic Novels

Sticky Burr Maze

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Learn more about the story and characters at the Sticky Burr website.

Read further adventures of Sticky Burr in his very own online comic strip.

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Art by John Lechner

Art by John Lechner

Reviews and Testimonials

“A visit to evil, exiled Burweena’s lair in Spooky Glen provides new drama, but it’s the rivalry among Burrwood members that forms the heart of the story, which ends with a message of tolerance. As in the series’ first title, Lechner’s clean-lined comics move the endearing cast of prickly pod characters briskly through to the warm conclusion.”

– Booklist

“The Prickly Peril takes readers back to Burrwood Forest, Sticky Burr, and his friends and foes – but this time Scurvy Burr isn’t the only one Sticky Burr has to worry about. The fate of the village depends on Sticky Burr in this second installment of this wonderful series for young, graphic novel readers. Told from Scurvy Burr’s point of view, this book gives readers insight into his burr mind as he learns about acceptance.”

– Jennifer Vincent, Special Education Teacher (see full review)

For more about the world of Sticky Burr, visit the Sticky Burr website.