Stories to Read

Here are some of my stories and comics that you can read online.

The Beetle and the Butterfly
A short comic about self-doubt and how we struggle to connect with one another.
Illustration of a girl
The Incredible Escape
A magical tale about a girl with an unusual gift.
Woman standing on a hillside
Cosmic Lobsters
A comic tale of lobsters from outer space, who travel to earth to escape their evil oppressors.
Smiling insects
Phinni’s Garden
A web comic about a hoverfly named Phinni and his insect friends as they navigate life in the big meadow.
The Tall Tree
A little tree grows up under the sheltering protection of a much taller tree, but soon must learn to deal with life’s changes.
Sticky Burr
The Adventures of Sticky Burr
A web comic for all ages featuring a cast of prickly characters who have adventures with animals and insects in Burrwood Forest.
Woman standing on a hillside
Meg Merrilies
This is a short poem by the famous poet John Keats, about a woman living on the wilder side of life.
The Ladybug Who Wasn’t Ready (Yet)
This is an illustrated fable about a ladybug who hatches onto a leaf and has to make a big decision.